Sushant Singh Rajput’s lawyer Vikas Singh (right) told the media that a campaign is being run to save the culprits.

  • Vikas Singh said – no film or TV show should be made on Sushant without the family’s approval.
  • Appeal to media – Do not undermine Sushant’s family’s case by bringing on camera to witnesses

On Wednesday, on behalf of Sushant Singh’s family, his lawyer Vikas Singh briefed the media, in which he said that Sushant’s condition deteriorated only after Riya Chakraborty came into his life. A campaign has been run in the media about his mental health. During this time, Vikas Singh cleared all the points of his case according to the FIR. It also said that the rumors about the family being spread are all wrong.

Lawyer Vikas Singh said

  • Sushant’s mental condition deteriorated after Riya’s arrival: Vikas Singh said- Sushant’s mental condition was fine till 2019. However, her mental state deteriorated after Riya came into Sushant’s life. Riya is responsible for mental stress. Riya gives Sushanti medicines of enzity. The doctors, who were also treated, were not informed to the family nor were they told about medicines.
  • On 8 June, Sushant called the sisters: 8 June means the day Riya left Sushant’s flat. Vikas Singh told about this day that Sushant started getting nervous. He had asked his sister about medicine, as his sister also used to take medicines. So he took an oral prescription for Sushant from a doctor.
  • Campaign was done to defame the family: He said- Sushant’s sisters met me and are sad that the campaign is being run in the media to discredit their family. This campaign is being run to help Riya. Regarding what is being run in the media, I would like to say that the difficulties and sorrows of the family should not be increased further. Do not undermine Sushant’s case by bringing witnesses on camera.
  • There was no life insurance policy: Vikas Singh told that there are reports in the media that the family wants to prove suicide as murder for the money of Sushant’s life insurance policy. Such reports are false and disrespectful to the family. If these reports are not stopped then we will be forced to take action against the channels. Sushant had not taken any such policy, I want to make it clear here. These reports are an attempt to save the accused.
  • Film and serial will not be made: He said that the family together has decided that no film, web series, book or TV serial on Sushant’s life will be made without his father’s permission. The script and the story of the film will have to be shown. If anyone still does so, they must first seek written permission from the family. After today, without permission, action will be taken against anyone.
  • Family statement written in Marathi: Vikas Singh told the media that the Mumbai Police had noted the statement of Sushant’s family, especially the three sisters, in Marathi. So while signing, they did not know what was written in it. In a statement to the Mumbai police, Sushant’s sisters said that he was undergoing treatment by a psychiatrist in 2019.


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