A skyscraping exposure to the market has yielded Ahmed Alawadhi, an edge above others. AM properties in USA and Silverline real estate in Dubai, Ahmed is the overseer of both prominent firms, steering them to a grander viewpoint. Dual degree in management, he holds a Bachelors’s in International Business And Marketing and a Master’s degree in Business Management from the top-grade universities. The real-estate prodigy with the par-excellent talent to grab the latent opportunities and analyze the trends has recently in a discussion revealed the underlying and unstated significance of positivity, time- management, and leisure. Explicating the importance, he stated that a perfect blend of these factors is the path to a balanced and disciplined lifestyle.

“Positivity emerges from positive people in and around your environment, engendering a positive vibe, that is the necessary catalyst in your success.” Positivity is correlated to success and is amalgamated strongly with it. Illuminating that positivity is an unstated requisite to discover innovation and effectuating it, Alawadhi emphasized that the “company” is an immense influencer, and creativity, innovation, and ideation are propelled by positivity, creating a concrete path to success.

Secondly, propounding time-management and leisure together, ALawadhi explained that Time-management succored him to distinguish his leisure and travel time, meanwhile commandeering 3 firms and more than 6 countries involved in the markets. Particularly aggregating, I explore 20 countries a year for satisfaction and smoothness. The two most facilitating elements are- smart work and technology when both leveraged aptly could deliver great results”. Alawadhi explained how time management can aid one to balance out and plan the voyage. Alawadhi has perfectly grasped the art and while handling the presidentship, is always able to seek out his leisure time.

Alawadhi handed out his concrete experience with facts and is always enriching his audience with something lively and knowledgeable.


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