In view of the increasing Chinese threat in India and South East Asia, America is increasing its military presence in Europe and increasing its presence in South Asia. This was indicated by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in response to a question at a virtual conference of the Brussels Forum on Thursday (25 June).

Pompeo was asked why the US had reduced its troops in Germany. In response, the US Secretary of State said, “American soldiers, who were not there, were being taken to other places to face challenges. The recent antics of the Chinese Communist Party meant that India and Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia , Countries like the Philippines and the South China Sea region are under increasing threat. The US military is properly positioned to face the challenges of our time. ”

Bloody collision evidence with India
Speaking about China’s threat, he cited bloody confrontation along the border with India as evidence of Beijing’s South China Sea activity and its predatory economic policies.

The Trump administration had a strategic review
Pompeo noted that the Trump administration reviewed a long-awaited strategic position of the US military two years ago. The US had formulated a basic strategy about the threats it faced, how it should allocate its resources, including intelligence and military and cyber resources.

US-European dialogue mechanism on China
Earlier, he announced the formation of a US-European dialogue mechanism on China, so that the Atlantic alliance had a common understanding of the threat posed by China. Pompeo said the two sides needed to create a collective information archive on China’s actions, so that they could act together.


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