ASLI FAIZ -The New Rising Entrepreneur.

At the age of 20 Asli Faiz(young indian Entrepreneur ) is a prodigal Digital marketer expert. Faiz has a business relationship, Because of his adorable mind and ability self-funded organization that aims to provide world-class digital and social media marketing skills and expertise. The guy who earned such a big name at such a young age. Today he is at that place where very few business human are able to go. As a children’s are not the same, they are different, who listen to their parents. But some have the courage to think beyond the ordinary and show the world their ability to rise . The person who decides once, keeps doing that thing then. Because of his adorable mind and ability.Due to the same thinking, today something has been created in his life.

He has worked as a Digital Marketing Manager on websites such as the Ecommerce platform . He has given birth to very successful and mesmerizing startups from unhone minds, which have become Delhi’s top 100 young Entrepreneurs . Hope that they make an even bigger name and continue to showcase their art.

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