Ayushmann Khurrana will start shooting for Abhishek Kapoor’s film in October.

Film actor Ayushmann Khurrana says that despite the environment of lockdown, the film industry should start functioning afresh. Because if people start coming to work, then this will increase their confidence. According to Khurana, it has become necessary to align with new ways of living in the era of Corona.

Ayushmann has recently reached his hometown Chandigarh to shoot for three endorsement campaigns. Explaining this, he said, “I have shot many things while staying in my hometown and the interesting thing is that crew members also live in Chandigarh, so it became very easy to shoot with them.”

Heart and mind become fresh

He said, ‘After so many months working on the set, the mind and heart got renewed. It took some time to get rid of the fear of this virus from my mind and get used to living with it, but to be honest, now I am fully ready to do my job with all necessary security measures.

Work can be started by taking necessary steps

Ayushman says that all necessary steps can be taken to start the work afresh. He says’ If the entire production team adopts the safety measures and takes precautions, then the risk of spreading the disease will be reduced to a great extent. We all have to work together for a fresh start in the film industry and I am happy that I have made an effort on my behalf.

Shooting of the film will start in October

According to Ayushmann, he will start shooting for the film directed by Abhishek Kapoor in October. “I am about to start shooting for the film based on the Progressive Love story with Abhishek Kapoor in October and am excited to once again go to the film’s set,” he said.

He said, ‘The experience of shooting for the next film will be like a dream. It seems as if we were all making films in the past life.


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