Ghanim-Al-Khayarin, a great nature lover, and a connoisseur in photography has always been in the limelight. Recently, he has proclaimed the commencement of the shoot of his debut film in India. A Qatari excursionist, who has a heartfelt fondness for traveling, he has stepped into the acting industry. The proclivity and the welcoming attitude Bollywood possesses is the real charismatic attraction of the industry.

A prolific visionary and a prodigal photographer he has utilized his skills to the extremes.. Amalgamating his consummate skills of photography with his elegant skills of acting, he has substantially bossted the aesthetics of the movie. Choosing the ecstatic locations, incorporating the scenic beauty, he has perfectly shown his prowess.


The plot, not revealed entirely, as per the sources, is under the genre of Romantic-thriller, where Ghanim as the main lead, falls in love with a female Indian photographer which unfolds into suspicious events. Making his debut, he has planned a wide release and is keen on uplifting and showcasing his talent. Ghanim, has believed that acting is his inborn talent and has profoundly depicted it in the shoot.

Ghanim is candidly multi versed and an avid traveler and has a great sense of professionalism. We truly admire his willingness to shoot under these conditions and his dedication is high-soaring. We hope that his dedication and efforts pay off and his movie is a marvel hit!!



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