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File photo: Deepika Padukone with her manager Karishma Prakash.

  • Deepika Padukone was also seen drunk in a viral video of Karan Johar's party.
  • Sushant's manager Jaya Saha is also questioned by the NCB on Monday for about 4 hours.

Drug connections of big stars are directly revealed in the investigation of Sushant case. On Monday evening, another big name came from actress Deepika Padukone. Two TV channels (Aajtak and Republic) claimed Deepika Padukone to have a drugs connection, citing a three-year-old chat in this case.

The NCB has summoned Deepika's manager Karishma Prakash for questioning in this regard as Deepika had ordered Hashish drugs through Karishma. Deepika asks Hash (Hashish) for drugs in the chat, while Karishma says from the front that Hash is not Weed.

Deepika can issue a statement

According to sources, Deepika Padukone is seeking advice from her legal team after the name surfaced in this case and it is being said that she can release her statement tonight. On the other hand, the NCB team on Tuesday may call Deepika's manager Karishma Prakash, talent manager Jaya Saha again and Shruti Modi for questioning.

Jaya Saha is being described as the mastermind

So far, Sushant's talent manager Jaya Saha's role as a master mind is being revealed in the investigation. Shraddha Kapoor's name was also revealed for the first time on Monday afternoon, while fingers have been pointing at Sara Ali Khan and Rakul Preet Singh for the past several days. Jaya's role is also seen directly in WhatsApp chat starring Shraddha Kapoor. Jaya Saha's company Kwan does talent management for 45 Bollywood actors and actresses.

Deepika had ordered drugs from her manager

Reports are being quoted as saying that the NCB team probing the drug connection has managed to re-store a long chat between Deepika's manager Karishma Prakash and Deepika. In this, Deepika is seeking drugs from Karishma. It also has two people named Amit and Shail. It is not clear who Amit and Shail are.

It is being claimed that Deepika's codename D and Karishma's codename K in this chat.

Karishma (K) and Deepika (D) chat dated 28 October 2017:

At 10:03 am, (+ 91-992 ——-) 'D' writes: K … Do you have the goods?

At 10:05, (+ 91-961 ——-) writes 'K': I have, but am at home. I am in Bandra‚Ķ.

At 10:05, K writes: May I tell Amit, if you want.

At 10:07, D writes: Yes !! Pllleeeeasssee

At 10:08, K writes: Amit * has. He is bringing it.

10: 12 o'clock, D writes: Hash isn't it?

10:12 pm, D writes: no weed

At 10:14, K writes: What time are you coming to KoKo

At 10:15, D writes: 11: 30/12

At 10:15, D writes: By what time will Shell * reach there?

K writes: I think he said it was 11:30 because he had to reach somewhere else at 12 o'clock

The name of actress Namrata Shirodkar is also coming

Namrata Shirodkar's name is also appearing in this chat with NCB. In it, an actress with N code number is asking about drugs. It is claimed that this actress is the number of Namrata Shirodkar. It is written in the chat that you promised me that I will get a good MD in Bombay and we will party together. Then the actress said, I really need a break. It was said on behalf of Jaya that- you are making me a paddler. Yet your wish is the command for me.

Kangana took a dig at Deepika, wrote- "Maal hai kya"

Kangana Ranot immediately jumped into the matter after Deepika's drug connection chat surfaced and taunted Deepika by tweeting. Kangana has written – "Repeat after me, depression is the result of the consumption of drugs. The rich star children of the so-called High Society, who claim to be classy and have a good upbringing, ask their manager, "What is that?"

File photo: Jaya Saha and Sushant

File photo: Jaya Saha and Sushant

This is Jaya Saha's background

Jaya Saha hails from Delhi. Jaya came to Mumbai after schooling from Bangalore and a Masters in Advertising and Marketing from Noida. Here Jaya worked in 24/7 Customer Private Limited. His second company was Wijcraft International Entertainment Pvt Ltd. Jaya has been working for Kwan Entertainment and Marketing Solutions since 2010, which handles the accounts of big movie stars.

Jaya had advised Sushant to take CBD

24 days ago, Jaya said in the ED's inquiry, "Sushant contacted me and told that he is suffering from depression. I advised them to take CBD oil in tea or coffee to relax. I knew about this oil because I also used it when I had depression. This calmed my mind and gave me a lot of relax. My enzymes were under disorder control.

Jaya said CBD oil was fully legal

Jaya also told the ED that CBD oil is completely legal and can be purchased from any shopping website. Jaya has locked all social media platforms Instagram, Twitter and Facebook profiles since the ED first called Jaya for questioning.



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