This photo is of 2016 of Riya and Shovik. Shovik was also a partner in Sushant’s two companies.

  • Shovik is constantly being implicated in this case, Samuel Miranda also took his name in a drug chat.
  • ED again sent summons to Shovik for questioning, being told that NCB will inquire him soon

The case of Sushant’s death has now reached the angle of drugs. Riya Chakraborty and his family seem to be stuck in the case of drugs. Riya and her brother Shovik have also been exposed to some chats related to the drug trade and the purchase of drugs by the son for his father. Meanwhile, Dainik Bhaskar has some chat records of Shovik Chakraborty on October 10, 2019, in which he is talking to his friend about drugs.

In this chat on October 10, Shovik asks his friend for drugs and gives him the number of 5 drug sellers. In the chat, Shovik’s friend is asking him about drugs like ‘Weed’, ‘Hash’, ‘Bud’. Shovik gives his friend Zaid and Basit’s number for drugs named ‘Bud’. It is believed that the team of Narcotics Control Bureau arrested Zaid and Basit on the basis of these chats in the last two days.

Among the chats that have come out, Shovik also gives the number of someone named Karamjit and Raj along with Suryadeep’s reference. Shovik says that he can get ‘Ganja’ from them. These chats reveal the connection of drugs between Zaid, Abdul Basit and Suryadeep. It can also be assumed that NCB can interrogate Shovik soon on the chat.

Conversation between Shovik and his friend:

Dude: Need a help, bro.

Shovik: Bol bro, how was it?

Dude: The paper was good.

From here the drug conversation starts between the two

Dude: Brother I want it right now man, my dealer is pretending. The paper was good bro, just have to pay attention to speed.

Shovik: Brother Hash isn’t it? Stop, I ask.

Dude: Okay brother.

Shovik: Need for today or tomorrow?

Dude: I will blow them together if found now. (This proves that Shovik also used drugs)

Shovik: Tomorrow brother, I’m in town right now. I speak to my dealer and tell. Where is it now, at home?

Dude: Okay brother, I am in Khar, where he says, I will leave. There is no problem.

Shovik: Okay brother, give me 5 minutes.

Dude: Okay brother.

Shovik: My dealer is not present at the moment. But, a friend of mine is sending me some numbers. Will ‘Bud’ be of good quality?

Dude: Brother. I don’t know what is going on with these dealers in the town.

Shovik: If it’s not early, I’ll bring you a good hash tomorrow. Right now I am sending the number of the ‘Ganja’ one.

Dude: Brother, how much of ‘Bud’?

Shovik: Between 2 and 2.5 thousand.

Dude: Okay, I’ll wait.

Shovik: Okay brother, I’m sending some numbers. (Shovik then sends the number of five to his friend. These include Zaid and Abdul Basit. He also tells his friend the code word to take drugs.)

Shovik: Karamjeet (KJ), these are two dealers named Raj. Using Suryadeep’s name.

Friend: May I call him or message?

Shovik: Call, tell me if these two don’t pick up the phone, I still talk to some other people.

Dude: Okay brother.

Shovik: Asking them about hashes.

Shortly after this, Shovik’s friend writes.

Dude: Well, the first one is not picking up the phone, I call Raj.

Shovik: Talk to Raj, or else talk to someone else.

Friend: Raj calls back, he is sending someone. Maybe work will be done.

Shovik: Yes brother will become work. Raj will deliver the goods to you.

Dude: Thanks brother.

Shovik: anytime man

Dude: Okay brother, he gave me the goods, I’m going to Andheri. Pick up the goods

Shovik: OK mate.

Zaid Vilatra sent to custody by 9 September
Meanwhile, Zaid Vilatra, arrested on drugs connection, was produced in court on Thursday. The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) sought a 10-day remand from the court. After which the court remanded Zaid by 9 September. Significantly, on September 1, NCB arrested Zaid Vilatra from Mumbai.

The NCB has also arrested Abdul Basit Parihar in the drugs case. According to NCB sources, Basit and Zaid are also related to Samuel Miranda, an associate of Sushant’s girlfriend Riya Chakraborty.

Riya’s father was aware of taking drugs
Ashok Saraogi, a lawyer for Sushant’s former manager Shruti Modi, said his father Inderjeet was aware of Riya and Shovik taking drugs. They knew very well what their children were doing.


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