MS Dhoni has recently announced his retirement from international cricket. Learn from Dhoni – how he is able to keep his mind calm even in adverse conditions.

‘I too have problems like every ordinary person, I get irritated too, especially when things don’t seem to be in their favor. But I always wonder if this frustration is good for our team? In such a situation I try to think what should be done.

Mistake can be done by anyone… it can happen to any one… It can happen to the whole team that things could not be done according to our plan. In such a situation, I try to think what can be better at the moment. Frustration, irritation, anger, disappointment… none of which is creative.

That is why I explain to myself that above all these feelings is the work that is to be done on the field right now. In such a situation, I also start thinking about what responsibility I should give to the player, which plan I should work on… It helps me to overcome myself.

I make myself so busy that emotions do not dominate. Maybe that’s why I feel ‘cool’ on the field. I believe that there are many types of emotions in humans and Indians are very much flushed in emotions. So it would be absolutely wrong to say that I do not have feelings.

But I try all the time to regain control of these emotions, because I know very well that if I can control the emotions, then I will be more creative.

I used to play cricket just to be happy, I later scored a goal

When cricket came into my life, I used to play it just for fun. I never thought that I would play for the country. I used to just be happy and play for my school team. Then when he started playing well there, he looked forward … looked under sixteen … played him.

If you become a part of the team of the district, then the desire to play for the state will also arise. Gradually reach the Indian team. I made small goals and reached them and reached the Indian cricket team.

I think it is easier and fun to achieve small goals, big goals make everyone nervous. I consider cricket as life, in which nothing is decided and there is little luck. How interesting that you start a cricket match by tossing a coin, which can fall in anyone’s favor.

I had overcome the family’s worries

Uncertainty starts with the first ball for the opener. The number three batsman can come on the pitch in the second over and also in the 25th over. In my case I believe that the uncertainty was less because I had already overcome the biggest concern of the Indian family.

After the railway job, my family members were sure that if it did not happen in cricket, it would do it. But it did not come true. I went on accepting every drawback. I was honest with myself. As long as you are not honest with yourself, how can you stay from others.

It does not bother you to accept your shortcomings. Even if you are not a good player, not a good person, but if you accept the shortcomings, then you will try to overcome them with equal honesty. You will ask for help from your family, seniors or friends.

I did the same and kept going. Hard work, luck, patience, dedication… everything is fine in its place but I believe it is most important to be honest with ourselves. If basically you are not honest then you will go on complicating things yourself. Honestly, I was able to reach there which I did not even imagine myself.

My success mantra

Hard work, luck, patience, dedication… all have their place but I believe that being honest with yourself is the most important. If basically you are not honest then you will go on complicating things yourself.


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