• President of Argentina Football Association said- No team will be eliminated due to Corona in current and next season
  • 4 football clubs in Iran wrote to the association to cancel the professional league, the remaining teams are considering continuing the league

Due to the coronavirus, sports activities are stalled all over the world. It has also hit Argentina football. Here also the Football Association has finished the 2019-20 season. Chairman Claudio Tapia said that we are going to finish the tournament, so that we can nominate teams for next year’s Continental Championship. Here, the Dutch League was also canceled 4 days ago. It is Europe’s first top football league because of Corona, which has been eliminated in the middle season.

This is the first time since 1945 that the league was over without a champion team decision. Ajax and AZ Alkmar are on par in the points table. Both these teams have qualified to qualify for the Champions League next season.

Copa Superleague tournament also ends after first round

The Argentina Football Association reported that no team would be ruled out in the current and next season. Apart from this, the other three football clubs other than Gymnasia, who were in danger of being dropped out of the league. All three clubs will remain in the top division as the season ends. The 24-team Copa Superleague tournament was also called off after the first round. As per the schedule, the tournament was scheduled to end in late May.

Argentina has lockdown since March 20

Earlier, at the beginning of March, Boca Juniors won the league championship by defeating Gymnasia 1–0 in the final. Argentina has been on lockdown since March 20. Here, people have to follow the restrictions related to quarantine and social distancing till May 10.

Pressure to cancel football season in Iran too
Here, in Iran too, due to the situation arising out of Corona, 4 football clubs have written a letter to the association asking them to cancel the season. In this, Machine Saaji, Gol Gohar and Nasaji do not want to continue with Iran Professional League (IPL). The rest of the teams are considering continuing the tournament. League head Sohail Mehdi has said that he will soon decide whether to continue the league or not.


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