The 30-year-old prolific entrepreneur and prodigal ex-pilot Sameera Devruwan aka Sam Dee’s venture is quite impelling and awe-inspiring. Currently, the CEO at Hexxion, is the prime-mover of the firm. To learn about his endeavors can stir up ambition and drive in everyone. With enough procurements to his name, hitherto, the youngest first office in Sri Lankan aviation history, he has candidly righteously proven to be a visionary seeking the utmost motive.

His native in the ”city of lights”, a picturesque and quaint bijou city, Nuwaraeliya in Sri Lanka, he was brought up in Dubai. An aspirer since childhood, he sought inspiration from his uncle, a chief pilot in Sri Lankan Airlines, and commenced his excursion regarding the same. Moving to Texas at the young age of 16, while others of his age frolic around, he was determined to procure his admired goals. Acquiring his flying skillset, converting his license, he became the venerable and youngest pilot of the Lankan Airlines cadet pilot program, the ATPL license (Airline Transport Pilots License), he vigorously worked for 2 years to procure the best.

But fate had some other sheathed plans, which unfurled badly. A car crash made him step out of aviation. Inclusive of two years of healing, he suffered a drastic uimpact in all-inclusive aspects. But as the candid proverb goes-“if the opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”, Sam commenced his journey once again and join the family business “Miller & Reed”. This brought him to new crossroads. He started chiseling out opportunities, with an eye to the main chance. Exploring and acquiring cognizance regarding the investment market, he decided to engender his own firm.

A consequence of his determination, Hexxion was generated. With innovativeness amalgamated with knowledge, Sam started gaining prominence in the industry. Hexxion became a pioneering firm. A VC firm investing in people, it has a proclivity towards lifestyle projects. Investing in the best opportunities and identifying the innumerable windows of opportunities present, Sam has developed a visual prowess for the same to carve out even the camouflaged chances. A strong disposition towards startups, he has greater plans to be effectuated and unfurled.

Rejoindering, when queried about his perspective on life-“The finer things when sorted first propel you to a better stance. It is all about satisfaction and contentedness. Enjoying the invariable sorts of stuff, listening to music, staying at lavish hotels, trying to seek out leisure time is necessary as well” He duly comprehends the significance of mental smoothness and leisure time. Sam adores his recreation time and expends it in photography, cooking, and surfing.

With the charismatic and positive aura that he possesses, his take on life and his journey has been quite impelling for many. We wish him to enjoy herculean success and be a beacon of hope as always!

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