The Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps last week. Amid tensions at the border, the government banned these apps as a threat to the security and sovereignty of the country. Banned apps also include the popular short video streaming app TicketLock, which had over 200 million users in India.

The banning of TikTok has created a vacuum in India’s social media space, which is now busy filling Indian apps. Apps like Friends and Spark are becoming extremely popular and their downloads are increasing rapidly. Let us see the list of top 5 Indian apps replacing Ticketalk.

Friends (mitron)
TicTalk’s biggest and alternative has become friends. In a week, the number of users of this app has increased from 10 million to 17 million. It has also received an investment of Rs 2 crore, using which the founders are planning to expand operations.

The spark is also growing in popularity. Its downloads have been increasing rapidly in the last few days. Last week, its number of downloads on the Google Play Store crossed 10 million. The company is trying to remove bugs with the introduction of a new user interface soon.

Like Spark and friends, Roposo’s users have also grown significantly in a very short period of time. Roposo’s 2.2 crore users available in 12 Indian languages have grown in just 2 days after the ban on Chinese apps.

Just after the ban on Chinese apps, Sharechat launched the Moze app in India. The app has 50 lakh downloads on the Google Play Store and is available in 15 Indian languages including Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada.

Hippy (HiPi)
Zee5 has also made a plan to capitalize on this opportunity by launching the app Hippy like TicketLock. The app has not been launched yet. But it is being discussed a lot in the market.


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