If you have a car, then this news is for you. Here we are telling about those 10 car accessories, which will be useful for you every season and on many occasions. Most of these have been prepared only for the rainy days. The most important thing is that the price of these accessories ranges from Rs 200 to Rs 500. That is, you do not have to look at the budget to buy these accessories. So let’s quickly know about them …

1. Wheel Scrub Brush
Price: Starting from Rs 225

It is rainy season, so obviously the car will also be dirtier than normal days. Especially dirt will also get trapped in the wheel of the car. In this case, the wheel scrub brush will make them shine. These brushes have a larger cleaning area, while they have a special handle.

2. Anti rain waterproof film
Price: Starting from Rs 200

Anti-rain waterproof film can be used to make driving easier and safer in this weather. The special thing of this film is that it does not allow rain water to stay on every part of the glass. That is, the visibility of the back side is very clear. This film is also known as Anti Mist film. It can also be used on two-wheelers and helmets with a four wheeler.

3. High Pressure Water Spray
Price: Starting from Rs 400

The car is very dirty on rainy days. In such a situation, a high pressure water spray can be used for its cleaning. This spray is fixed to the water pipe, after which the pressure of normal water increases. High pressure makes it easier to wash the vehicle. Many things like bike, scooter, floor can also be cleaned with this spray.

4. Seat belt cutter
Price: Starting from Rs 250

This tool is very useful when the seat belt is locked. The belt can be cut with the help of this cutter. At the same time, it also acts as a glass breaking hammer. It has nauk dar design on either side. Powerwindows may have technical faults during rainy days, causing them to lock. In such a situation, it can be done by breaking it.

5. Car Mini Dustbean
Price: Starting from Rs 300

If you want to keep cleanliness in your car and support the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan by not throwing the garbage on the road, then keep a mini dustbin in your car. Its size is so small that it gets fixed in the cup holder of the car. This dustbin also has a cover. Due to which the waste remains inside the dustbin.

6. Wireless Door Warning Light
Price: Starting from Rs 500

During the rain and winter or when we open the car at night, the people coming behind the car do not see it. In such a situation, this problem can be overcome by installing wireless door warning lights. These lights keep the battery on. The light turns on automatically when the car door is opened. This light comes in a set of 5.

7. Stretchable Umbrella Holder
Price: Starting from Rs 200

It is a stretchable umbrella holder. That is, by stretching it can be enlarged according to the length of the umbrella. This holder is like a cover. In such a situation, when the umbrella is used in the rain and brought inside the car, its water gets stored inside this holder. This does not spoil the car.

8. Car Wiper Detergent Tablet
Price: Starting from Rs 200

Whatever the weather, the windshield of the car should be flashing. The clearer the windshield, the better the front visibility. For this, you can use detergent tablet in your wiper water tank. One such tablet is used in up to 4 liters of water. This tablet should always be kept in your car.

9. Multi Pocket Storage Bag
Price: Starting from Rs 450

You can use multi-pocket storage bags to arrange small items in the car. In these back, you can arrange many things like tablet, smartphone, charger, bottle, umbrella, tissue, cup in one place. Such bags are designed according to different design and utility. They are fixed in the back side of the car’s front row seat.

10. Rear view mirror mount phone holder
Price: Starting from Rs 340

This is a different type of car mobile phone holder. It is mounted on the rear view mirror of the car. Here, your phone gets fixed like a screen. This holder navigation is best when used. You can also adjust the smartphone accordingly by fixing the smartphone on this holder.

Note: All accessories shown in this story are priced from the online platform. In the offline market, their price may be more or less.


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