Hackers turned their eyes on IT giants, politicians, businessmen and major companies such as former US President Barack Obama, Amazon CEO Jeff Bozos, billionaire businessman Elon Musk, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. His Twitter account was hacked. This is clearly being considered as a bitcoin scam.

His Twitter count tweeted a fake sending of $ 2,000 for every $ 1000. Bezos, Gates and Musk are among the 10 richest people in the world, with millions of followers on Twitter.

Hackers tweeted from Bill Gates’s account and wrote, ‘People have been asking me to contribute to society. The time has come now. You give me 1000 dollars, I will give you 2000 dollars instead. ‘ In the name of the Corona epidemic, a similar tweet was made from Barack Obama’s Twitter account.

Twitter came into action after the world veterans’ Twitter account was hacked. The company issued a statement saying that it was a cautionary incident about a “security incident affecting the Twitter account”. It is being investigated and work is being done to fix it. Twitter also promised to fix it soon.

Let us know that the tweets from these accounts got deleted in a few minutes. All tweets on Twitter will not be able to tweet any type of account and passwords will not be reset. Twitter said that the matter is being investigated and information related to it will be given soon.


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