After successfully establishing his name in the stock market by his company, Incomet, in just 2 years of his hard work. This young man can now be seen charming his way in the film industry as an investor. His new projects include funding an upcoming Bollywood movie. He firmly believes in smart work rather than hard work. Having a versatile personality he is always willing to invent and invest in distinctive ideas for growth.

Running an ISO certified successful company by himself which is now one of the leading companies that train people on the tactics of stock marketing and helps them to make income from financial markets. His company is advancing at an unparalleled speed. Kanishk Gupta has a different perspective on life. To his belief its not the degree and grades that decide the intellect of a person but focus and determination to achieve their goals.Despite being a mogul in the Stock Market, he can be seen investing with rising entrepreneurs, training people in the stock market making them financially free, and now as an investor in a movie. His passion for growth can never go unapplauded.
He is a skilled young man working miraculously to bring nothing but the best out of himself for his clients and is always ready to bring up his game in the industry. Congratulating him on his new summit, much more success to him!

Kanishk Gupta


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