This was Shivalia Oberoi’s second film to be seen in the film ‘Khuda Hafiz’ with Vidyut Jamwal. Earlier, the actress was an assistant in the film Kick. As the Actress, she made her innings debut with ‘Yeh Saali Aashiqui’. The actress is not from a film background, so she has shared her experience of being an outsider.

Our auditions do not even reach the director: Shivalika

He said, ‘Like the rest of the outsiders, my journey has been full of challenges. Far from being shortlisted for any role, our auditions did not reach the directors and producers. This information is now known.

The family encouraged a lot –

The actress said that during Struggle’s day, parents got a lot of support. He was not getting success. Things were not going well. She was all disappointing me. Every day sleep opened with the thought of what next. Uncertainty affects mental peace. But my parents continued to encourage me. Keep saying that keep studying. If nothing happens, try in some other field.

Shivalika is delighted that the audience has liked her recent release Khuda Hafiz and it is encouraging for her, “Many said that I did not have much in the trailer, but they liked my overall performance, sentiments in the film and Said they would have liked to see more of me. ”

No one is ready to adopt outsiders: Shivalika

Shivalika also feels that people’s attitudes about outsiders are still not changing and no one wants to talk about giving new talent like them a chance to flourish, “big fans of electricity, people Will watch the film for him and no one denies this, but when he was so supportive towards me then I really don’t understand why others take time to accept new people like me? From rolling out Meaty , Until the audition is cracked and the cameo role… our struggle is always going on.


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