Suresh Raina on returning to India from IPL said that my family is very important for me. I was worried about what would happen to me if anything happened. -File

  • Suresh Raina said that Chennai Superkings are like my family and Mahi Bhai is everything for me
  • He said that any 12.5 crore rupees. Can not leave like this, there must have been a solid reason behind it
  • Raina left IPL and returned to India from UAE last week citing family reasons

Suresh Raina suddenly broke silence in the case of his return to India from the IPL. He said on Wednesday that there was some family issue that could not be avoided, so I decided to return to India. I can return to UAE to play IPL again. He said these things in the interview given to Cricbuzz.

Raina said that it was difficult for him to decide to return to India. CSK My family and Mahi Bhai are everything to me. There is no dispute between me and CSK. He further said that no one can leave 12.5 crore rupees like this. There must have been a solid reason behind this. Even though I have retired from international cricket, but I am still young and can play IPL for 4 to 5 years.

I can return to the UAE again: Raina

The left-handed batsman said in this interview that I am also training while quarantined in India. Maybe you see me again in CSK camp. On the other hand, regarding CSK owner N. Srinivasan, Raina said that he is like my father, he always sees me as a son. They did not know the real reason for leaving my IPL, a father can scold his child. They have now come to know about my exit and they are with my decision.

‘I haven’t met my kids for 20 days’

Raina clarified on the media reports that it was reported that he had returned to India from the IPL due to a stringent bio-secure protocol. He said that my family is very important to me. I was worried about what would happen to me if anything happened. I have not seen my children for 20 days. Even after returning to India, I have not met him due to being in Quarantine.

Different reasons were revealed for Raina’s return to India.

There was a lot of speculation about the reason for Raina’s return. Earlier it was reported that when some of the players in the Chennai Super Kings team got Corona Test positive, Raina was scared and did not agree to stay there. After this, the team management decided to send him back.

Then came the news that Raina did not get a suit at the Taj Hotel in Dubai like Captain Dhoni and Coach Fleming. There was not even a balcony in his room, so Raina was angry with it and was not ready to play the whole tournament by staying there. He therefore returned to India. However, now he has given the real reason for returning to India.


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