Bhojpuri industry’s hit duo Rani Chatterjee and Pawan Singh are all set to release a new song soon. Its shooting has been completed, the actress has given information through a social media post. Actually, fans love Rani Chatterjee and Pawan Singh’s onscreen pair. In such a situation, both of them have prepared a new visual song by surprise. It will be released to all of you soon. Let us tell that they have worked with each other after a long time. In such a situation, the fans are asking that after so long the two worked together, what is going on in your mind?

Rani Chatterjee wrote in her post, ‘People are asking how does Rani and Pawan feel working together after so long? This picture is telling the truth to everyone how happy the two are. Our fans are also happy to see us together. Pawan Singh has a big heart. He has thanked Rani for singing, but Rani has thanked Pawan Singh because he helped Rani by giving this song in times of depression. I am getting out of depression because of this shoot. ‘

Let us tell you that a few days ago, Bhojpuri actress and Khatron Ke Khiladi’s ex contestant Rani Chatterjee shared some serious things about herself on the social media about the depression. In her post, the queen also threatened to openly commit suicide.

Rani Chatterjee wrote that I am very much troubled by the depression now. Often I talk of being strong and positive, but this is not happening anymore. This man has been writing so many dirty things about me for many years on Facebook. I tried to ignore a lot. Talked to many people but everyone said that ignore me but I am also a human being. I am fat, I am old or I do some work, it writes such ugly things, people send me all this and say ignore me, but now I cannot do this.

Rani further wrote, ‘I have been very upset about this for many years. I am going through mental stress. It probably wants me to die, because of this there is a lot of stress in my personal life. It is my request to the Mumbai Police that if I do something, it will be Dhananjay Singh. I had complained about it in cyber cell too but it was said there that it has not written my name, but I know it writes only for me. In the last, Rani Chatterjee wrote, ‘On such a post, people write my name and write profane abuses and enjoy it. I am desperate, I don’t have courage anymore, because of this I will commit suicide, because I am going through a very bad depression. Can not stand anymore. ‘ Rani Chatterjee’s post on social media became increasingly viral.


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