Ateeb Was Born on 21st July 2001 in Bulandshahr currently he and his family hails in New Delhi.

Ateeb Ahmed was not good in studies till 15 because he has never assumed that this type of situation they have to faced. Ateeb thinks he will gets all responsibility of family in his shoulders But his Mother never give any responsibility to his shoulders she Always tells to Do Better Studies for a Bright Future. As a result they was get failed in class 10 . But they never give up and decided to make his own company. As well as doing schooling because they mean that Apart Bussiness Education is most important for our life & Travelling make you perfect Entrepreneur.

Now, Doing hard work 24×7 soon he will be a member of Rich Kids and Now he has own’s Company and He is financially independent at the age of 19.

Although his life has not Acquired the high standard now because Ateeb says Live an ordinary childhood to achieve everything and After Live like a king. Due to his rules he has Achives something Great at very young age.

Ateeb Ahmed Loves to Travelled all cities of all countries. He tells that travels make you perfect Entrepreneur.
He also Love to do Night Club Party .They love to buy Luxury Super cars, New Gadgets, Clothing, Shoes, Watches with they have many costly mobiles,watches & outfit’s. He love to wear Formal Clothes. Apart they have do many aviation in the age of 19.

Ateeb tells after completing my schooling i will go to my higher studies in [ Computer science] with Expert in App Development beacuse he thinks need of Education in this time of digital world is very important apart from bussiness.

Ateeb Recently carry his bussiness in Crypto industry. His future plan have to Developed great skills in his Blockchain & Crypto industry by taking advices and help of Experts in this industry.

They also decided to develop his great skills in Digital Marketing.Beacuse they think if you want to survive in this time of digital world first you have to king of this Digital Media.

As well as they tells us soon he will take his bussiness in Hospitality & Night Club and etc.

So If you have an idea of startup reach Ateeb Ahmed by mailing your idea

You can visit his official instagram account by clicking this link. instagram


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