A lot of people desire to achieve stardom, but only a few reach their dream destinations. It requires a lot of hard work and passion to mark yourself in the fields you aspire to conquer. Luck surely makes it easily attainable!

One such adorable personality is Sameer Mark. A 25 year old , currently working as an actor and an inspiring influencer. He has established himself through his much driven passion for his work. He started his journey as a print shoot model and then expanded his endeavors in the social media world. After overcoming many hardships and failures in his way, he was finally able to accomplish his stake in the industry with his differentiated styling and looks. Today, he has the love and support of 3 Million people across the globe.

Acing his niche ,he has been able to successfully prosper ahead. His style is something that differentiates him from others. Looks have taken him a long way. His positive attitude and the zeal to live life with respect keep him going . With his happy go nature, he has judged many modelling shows, appeared at many portfolio events and has portrayed his commendable acting skills in Ragini MMS Returns. Apart from being an actor and a model ,he also aims at being a successful business man. He is also blessed with the beautiful skill of dancing, sketching and being a motivational speaker.

Talent is not the only thing that turns you into a star. Your passion and commitment toward your dreams, lead you to success. Sameer’s story is a story of perseverance and sheer dedication. Tackling the stepping stones on his success path, with the love and support of his friends and fans, he is achieving glory all his way!


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