With a great constructive vision of motives, Staardust Entertainment is all set to announce it’s launch soon as a lead role in the industry, in Kanpur city.

Astounding one-off services comprising of Media, advertising, record label, artist/brand management, digital marketing, and a lot more, Staardust entertainment is soon going to set its first offline office and studio at Kanpur which would be functioing at a global level. With Staardust Records and Staardust Media as the subsidiary plan aligned, the launch is likely to be scheduled in 2021 with all the active working plans.

Where on one side a fantastic definition of art shall be seen in the erection of the first forte office building of the Staardust whose architecture is designed by Rishabh Kushwaha & team, the other side keeps us ready for the amazement the studio designing and furnishing of the Staardust entertainment is going to bestow on our actively awaiting crowd, which is done by the well known Aural Exchange, renowned for the quality services.

The vigorous efforts of all the sides of the team of Staardust Entertainment will soon be awarded with their respective perks when launched, i.e. going to happen super soon!, with the warm welcome by the graciously awaiting audience and a family to unite.

Dragged into the limelight often due to its CEO, Staardust Records has been endeavouring to go global. With Aayustaar effectuating plans to make it the most significant music distribution and promotion firm, it is deemed to be at the zenith in no time. Aayustaar believes that the meticulous efforts that the entire team of the company has invested for its welfare is genuinely appreciable and commendable. He mentioned that without the intermingled efforts, the present scenario of turning into a brand wouldn’t have been possible.

An important flow chart for our fellow artist.#staardustentertainment #staardust #staardustmedia #staardustrecords…

Posted by staardustentertainment on Thursday, August 20, 2020

Staardust entertainment is all on the way set up for its first offline office and studio in city Kanpur which is going to be the first international standard music studio in the city awaiting to enchant the audience all over.


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