“One should hold the power to adore and choose what one wants and should seek active self-control and happiness in life. It’s your walk towards betterment, no else can do it for you!”. These are the words of the proprietor of Suhail Cars- Asli Suhail aka Mohd Sohel Khan. Clinging to the convictions of self-reliance and adhering to his business, at the venerable age of 20, Suhail has mastered his niche with the true mark of an entrepreneur.

With his endeavors, Suhail is an Indian Entrepreneur has established a strengthened stance in the market and is currently on his venture towards the ulterior dais. With the unfastening of the dealerships since 1 March 2019, his firm has procured a long-winded and ceaseless escalation in quotes and inquiries, eliciting into boosted sales, conveying the idea that those with a query, possess an intent to purchase. Proclaiming that the firm has been continuously rising towards progression and development, Suhail has corroborated his claims with duly comprehended facts and certitude. He mentioned that the contemporary scenario is profoundly distinguishable from the one before the pandemic. They have encountered the most hectic and busy schedules for sales this year, with the peak during the introductory week of June.

With persistent and lasting progress, they have been witnessing the ‘pent-up demand’, proving the hypothetical theory candidly righteous that –“the appetite to buy is quite realistic”, as the firm seems teeming with inquiries, giving an upwards trend

2000 cars being sold, he hasn’t limited himself to being an entrepreneur. Focused on all-inclusive development, he has a strong proclivity towards fitness and lifestyle. An innovative mindset, trying to engender new pathways into the market, Suhail plans to establish models for better and enhanced customer satisfaction, decreased operational costs, reduced market time, and an uplifted revenue model. Paramount marketing skills, he is hardwired to be at a high point and rule the market.

We admire his personality and his undying efforts at such a young age. We wish him a good luck for the future!

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Asli Suhail
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Suhail Cars


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