The US Navy has shown its stamina to China by maneuvering in the disputed South China Sea. This practice is considered to be the US response to China, which is bullying the neighboring countries like Philippines, Vietnam in the maritime area. The US Navy said that its warships USS Nimitz and USS Ronald Reagan maneuvered in the South China Sea region through other ships and aircraft carriers.

He said that the aim of the exercise was to increase the air defense capability as well as to make the long-range capability of the aircraft carrier unsustainable.

Significantly, China asserts its claim over the entire South China Sea, while five other countries have asserted their jurisdiction over it. Every year goods worth about five lakh crores are transported from here.

China condemns American practice
China has said that the US is trying to build its military dominance in the South China Sea. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that the real purpose of the exercise is something else and it is an attempt to spoil stability in the region.

America counterattacked China
The US Navy retaliated on China based on a Global Times report. China’s Global Times wrote in a tweet, “China has a long range of weapons such as the DF-21D and DF-26. The South China Sea is completely under the grasp of the LPA. Any American aircraft carrier in this area “PLA will be happy with the activity of: Analyzer”. Reacting to China’s claim, the US Navy said, “There are two aircraft carriers of the US Navy in the South China Sea.” #USSNimitz and #USSRonaldReagan are not intimidated. ‘ Let me tell you that the hashtag #AtOurDiscretion was used with the answer.

Ronald Reagan and Nimitz of US stationed in South China Sea
The US has sent two of its aircraft carriers to the South China Sea for military exercises to the USS Ronald Reagan and the USS Nimitz. The practice has long been planned, but China has also conducted military exercises near the Paracel Islands, which have been criticized by the US and other countries. The US Navy’s operations of two nuclear-powered aircraft carriers in the South China Sea region have added further strength to it. Tensions between Washington and Beijing increased in many areas, including Hong Kong.


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