Forbes magazine’s list of Most Valuable Sports Team, America’s rugby team Dallas Cowboys remains on top for the 5th consecutive year. Its brand value in 2020 is estimated at $ 5.5 billion (about Rs 41,211 crore). This brand value of Dallas team is 5 times more than Mumbai Indians, the most expensive team of Indian Premier League (IPL).

According to a report by Duff & Phelps, the brand value of Mumbai Indians was estimated at Rs 809 crore in 2019. At the same time, the total brand value of IPL was Rs 47,500 crore. This is also only 6289 crores more than Dallas alone.

Rial Madrid at number six and Barcelona at number 8
There is no football team in the top-5 of Forbes’ Most Valuable Sports Team list. Spanish football club Rial Madrid is at number six with a value of $ 4.24 billion (about Rs 31,771 crore). While Leonel Messi’s team Barcelona’s brand value is estimated at $ 4.02 billion (about Rs 30,121 crore). He is at number 8. At the same time, no cricket team is included in this list of Top-50.

American teams in top-5 list, including 3 basketball teams

Team sport Value (in Rupees)
Dallas cowboys Rugby 41,211 Crore
New York Yankees Baseball 37,464 crores
new York Knicks Basketball 34,467 Crore
Los Angeles Lakers Basketball 32,969 Crore
Golden state warriors Basketball 32,219 Crore

No damage to Dallas team in Coronacal
Coronavirus-like epidemics have caused tremendous damage to the sports world around the world. So only the Dallas Cowboys team has benefited the most. This team had a profit of $ 420 million (about Rs 3147 crore) in 2018. It is also the record of earning of a sports team in a year in the sports world.

27 rugby teams highest in Forbes top-50 list
There is not a single cricket team in the top-50. There are 27 teams in the National Football (Rugby) League (NFL) of America in this list. It is followed by 9 teams from the American National Basketball Association (NBA). The top-5 also includes three NBA teams.

IPL’s brand value increased by 13.5% last year
In September 2019, Global Advisor Company Duff and Felps released a report on the brand value of IPL. According to this report, the brand value of IPL increased by 13.5% in 2019 as compared to 2018. The brand value of IPL in 2018 was Rs 41 thousand 800 crore, which increased to Rs 47 thousand 500 crore in 2019.

Not only IPL, but also the brand value of the teams playing in it is increasing continuously. Mumbai Indians has the highest brand value of Rs 809 crore. He is followed by Chennai Superkings. The brand value of Mumbai was Rs 746 crore in 2018, which increased by 8.5% in 2019.


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