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Add this weekend to your list, these films give a befitting reply to terrorism, these true stories



These days, Israeli military air strikes are targeting targets of the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas on the Gaza Strip. Many countries of the world including India are struggling with the problem of terrorism. The issue of terrorism has been prominently raised in Hindi cinema. There are many films including ‘Roja’, ‘Matchbox’, ‘Fanaa’, ‘New York’, ‘Black Friday’, ‘Ek Tha Tiger’, ‘Uri – The Surgical Strike’, which tells the story of fighting terrorism. Smita Srivastava examines the aspects of what the producer-director does to research, what needs to be taken care of, what are the challenges of working in these films before the action director and the actors, to make the stories related to the terrorist incident. And Priyanka Singh

The film ‘Hotel Mumbai’ was based on the bravery with which the hotel staff saved the lives of their guests during the 26 November 2008 terror attack at a hotel in Mumbai. Anupam Kher, who plays the head chef in the film, says that the film is like a mirror. The truth must reach the people. It has been many years since the 26/11 incident, but what happened in those three days, it is important for the people of India to know. The film ‘Hotel Mumbai’ was about the courage and hopes of a normal person against terrorism, in which the people working in the hotel saved their lives by playing on their lives.

The film is coming on Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan 

In the coming days, Telugu film actor Adivi will be seen playing the role of Sandeep in Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s biopic ‘Major’, who was martyred in the 26/11 terror attacks. On February 14, 2019, 40 soldiers were killed in a terrorist attack in Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir. It has also been announced to make a film on this attack. The story behind the attack, Ram Gopal Varma, who made films on the underworld, has also made the film ‘The Attack of 26/11’ on the 26/11 terror attack.

Ram Gopal Varma said…

Ram Gopal Varma says that it was a terrorist incident, but from the perspective of the filmmaker, I saw the scope of making a film in it. When I spoke to former Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria before making the film, he had told that he was taking a bath when there was a terrorist attack on Mumbai. When he came out of the bathroom, three phones from the house including the mobile were ringing simultaneously. He himself got upset about what happened in the city. From the film’s perspective, this situation was very dramatic. When the attack took place at Leopold Cafe, the people there said that the police did not have guns, they were trying to kill the terrorists with stones. It was an inhumane attack. Some people enter Mumbai and do something that changes the lives of people, people are interested in knowing about it. People see through the news what has happened, But they also want to know how it happened. I showed the same in the film. Emotions have to be taken care of while making a film based on terrorism, the author does extensive research. Location is also Reiki.

The feelings of the community are also taken care of

Behzad Khambata, who has directed in the film ‘Blank’, says that special care has to be taken in such films not to hurt the sentiments of any community. Terrorism is a major issue. Terrorism is not just explosion. The level of terrorism also varies. Regarding filming of bomb blast scenes in films, he says, ‘VFX helps in this. VFX needs both time and budget to show real. As far as weapons are concerned, we get dummies that make sounds. Bullets do not come out of it. She just sounds. Officially you can use it for shooting.

Action by story

In the fight against terrorism in the film, if the hero falls heavily on the enemies, then the audience is also filled with excitement. Action director Sham Kaushal explains that the situation, character, location of each film is different. Action accordingly

It is prepared, that is, it will have guns or explode or hand to hand fight. While preparing any action scene, one has to look at aspects such as its length, its need, location, whether it is being shot during the day or at night.

Understand the impact and pain of the incident before the film

On the question of taking cinematic liberty in the filming of action films of realistic films, Sham Kaushal says, “There is a difference in action between realistic films and fiction films.” You can take Liberty in fiction stories. The film ‘Black Friday’ was based on the real incident. His sequences were the same. You cannot take Liberty in it. People have seen the incident and its consequences in TV footage and photographs. At the time of ‘Black Friday’ VFX was not much, then there were a lot of challenges. Our effort was that the people who were present there at the time of the incident should like that scene. Those who did not see the incident, understand its severity, impact and pain.

The film ‘Kabul Express’ had the scope of taking a little Liberty. We shot him in Afghanistan. At that time, the Taliban ruled, there were different challenges. There used to be a unit of 50-60. Almost the same number of security personnel were with us. Still there was a fear of untowardness. Similarly, the film ‘Phantom’ was shot in Lebanon, when there was a civil war. Sometimes there are challenges during the shoot, but your hard work and honesty is reflected on the screen. The terrorist needs to be punished No matter how big the hero is in the films made on terrorism, but if he is in the role of a terrorist, then the responsibility of the makers is to set the right example.

Kunal Kohli, director of the film ‘Fanaa’ starring Amir Khan and Kajol, says that the reason for having a romantic angle in the film ‘Fanaa’ with terrorism was that we did not want to make the film too serious. The story had to be balanced, so that the global audience would also join it. The ending of this story was tragic because of terrorism. Aamir Khan’s character was a terrorist. So there were many layers to his character. He comes disguised when he comes to New Delhi to perform Reiki. His style of style was not in the original script. We made his character shayrana. Aamir was the hero of the film, but his terrorist character could not be saved by showing him as the hero in the film. There is both good and evil in every human being. According to the decisions a person makes, his life goes on. On the one hand, Aamir’s character picks up a gun to spread terrorism, while on the other hand, the one he loves, also gets his eyes treated, But as a terrorist, he had to be punished. Aamir did this film only because he liked that his love in the end gives him the gun.

Artists have to take training

The actors train hard to make the character believable. Vicky Kaushal did boot camp training for three months during the film ‘Uri-The Surgical Strike’. According to Vicky, the beginning of training was completed by applying 25 rounds of ground. We had to learn qualities like body language, tone and team cohesion of a military officer. Had taken training from Sikh Regiment. He taught us slidering. In slidering, you descend the helicopter through a rope. The stuntman is not used in the film. Only 20 actors came down with a rope from the helicopter. We roped from a height of 30 feet

Was learned to jump down from. Whenever I used to meet the Commandos of Special Forces, I used to say, Sir, I am trying so hard to put your life on the screen, you live that life. Salutations to you

Terrorism-based stories dominated digital platform as well

The ‘Crackdown’ web series is a fictionalized story of Indian intelligence agency Ra’s flamboyant officers who thwarted internal politics and terrorists. Saqib Salem is in the lead character in the show. ‘State of Seas 26/11’ This webseries is based on Sandeep Unnithan’s book ‘Black Tornado – The Three Seas of Mumbai 26/11’. Manoj Bajpayee has become a secret agent in ‘The Family man’. He is looking for a person who is going to carry out a major terrorist attack from 26/11. The trailer of ‘The Family man 2’ has recently been released. In the ‘Special Opens’ web series, many artists like KK Menon, Karan Tacker worked. The show mentions the terrorist attack on Parliament. Its second season has also been announced. ‘Barricade – The Seas Within’ is based on the surgical strike carried out in Pakistan by the Indian Army after the Uri attack. The show stars Amit Sadh, Darshan Kumar.

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Yeah duniya aaj se, Phir mehroom ho gai.. Aap thhey, to, Yeah duniya, behtar thhi.. Na hua hai, na ho payega Koi shaks aapsa, Na shaqsiyat Koi, na fankaar aapsa, Yousuf Sahb. Visited this planet.. Made it better And left.. Thank you sir.. For sooooooooooo much. Inna lillahe WA Inna elaihe rajeoon.
*Anjali Phougat* This news is heartbreaking. May his soul rest in peace. Dilip Kumar ji was a true legend and the film industry lost a gem today. My favourite of his films is Mughal-E-Azam. He was an inspiration to many and his acting skills were unmatched. Dilip Kumar Ji was a veritable legend of the silver screen. My sincerest condolences to Dilip ji’s family and fans. We will never be able to fill this void. He will live in our hearts forever and we will always cherish his films. He has been involved with a number of charitable and social initiatives and taught us to give back to the community in whatever way possible. He was such an inspiration to millions.
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*Priyanka Lalwani* I am disheartened to hear about the demise of Dilip Kumar sir. He is one of the legends of Hindi cinema. A trendsetter in terms of acting, style, he has and will continue to inspire generations of actors. I remember how much I enjoyed watching his films Mughal-e-Azam, Saudagar, Naya Daur and many others. My grandfather has a vast collection of all the film songs of Dilip Kumar and he still plays it on his system all the time. When I spoke to my grandfather today, he was heartbroken to hear the news but we ended up discussing Dilip ji’s films and the music we used to listen to. He told me about his favourite films being Ram Aur Shyam and Azad. I Hope Dilip sir’s journey has been fulfilling and a beautiful one. Strength and heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.
*Nivedita Basu* Dilip Kumar was an icon for the entire Bollywood community. My two favourite films of his are Karma and Saudagar. I did not watch too many films as a child though. I think he lived his life happily with his wife Saira Banu. I remember seeing him smiling in all the pictures, during his interactions with the media. To wear a smile even in your toughest time is something which I think we should learn from him. He loved his craft and his passion got translated into his performances. He was a method actor. I very clearly remember Saudagar because it was one of the cult films that I watched as a kid. The news of his demise is shocking. He is and will always be loved and looked up to. His art was pure and continues to inspire actors of all generations.
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Arun Mandola

I am a nature lover. Every Year I wait for the monsoon because this is a time when I connect with nature. During the monsoon, it feels like birds, animals, trees, mountain sky, everything comes alive. It’s become a universal wonder when rain water touches soil and that fragrance is the best fragrance on earth. I love pakodas and ginger tea during the monsoon. I remember my mother always made those yummy aloo paranthas during rainy days and those are my best memories.

Nikhil Malik

I love the monsoon. The smell of the soil when the first drops of rain touch the earth is amazing. When I used to be in Delhi during monsoon, mom made pakodas and coffee. Having a good conversation over good food is what I miss these days. The atmosphere is very peaceful during monsoon and I forget every problem and tension in my life during that time. It is one of the best times of the year, it keeps me nice and calm.

Prateik Chaudhary

My fondest monsoon memories about the rains would be a trip down Lonavala with my childhood friends. Being a Mumbaikar, you can say it’s like a tradition to visit Lonavala during the monsoon season. So during my childhood days, during monsoon I even used to make those trips to Tiger point and eat bhajiyas, maggie and chai. Listening to good music while enjoying a long drive during monsoon makes me happy.

Gaurva Mukesh

I have grown up in a joint family. I remember every time it used to rain we cousins used to go to the terrace and block water from flowing out of the pipes. This was done to make sure that the terrace is filled with water and looks like a pool. And then we used to play in the pool. My favourite monsoon food is paneer and dal pakoda with tea.

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