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Airtel launches new extreme fiber broadband plan; Other features including 4K TV Box and Membership of Paid OTT Apps



with unlimited data

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  • Airtel Launches New Extreme Fiber Broadband Plan; 4K TV Box With Unlimited Data And Other Features Including Membership Of Paid OTT Apps

New Delhi 44 minutes ago

Airtel's new broadband plans launched under Airtel Xstream Bundle

  • Airtel's existing 2.5 million Airtel customers will benefit from these plans
  • Airtel Extreme Bundle is available to customers from 7 September ie today

A new broadband plan has been launched by Airtel. In response to Jio Fiber's broadband of Rs 399, Airtel has launched broadband plans at an initial price of Rs 499. Up to 1Gbps speeds are being offered in these new plans. Also, free subscription is being given to unlimited data, Airtel Extreme Android 4K TV box and all paid OTT platforms. Airtel Extreme bundle is available to customers from 7 September. The benefit of these plans will be given to the existing 2.5 million Airtel customers of Airtel. Also, new users will also be able to take advantage of these plans.

Know full details about the plan

  • The new Airtel Extreme Fiber Broadband plan will provide unlimited voice calling with unlimited data. This facility will be available only to those users who are using landline phones with their connections.
  • The plan includes more than 1000 movies, shows and series of OTT apps and studios.
  • Amazon Prime Video, Disney + Hotstar and Zee5 service will be available with Airtel broadband plan of Rs 999, Rs 1,499 and Rs 3,999.
  • Airtel Extreme Box will be provided with Airtel Extreme Fiber Broadband Plan. The price of this box will be around Rs 3,999.
  • Customers will get subscriptions to all live TV channels and video streaming apps. It will come with Android 9.0 powered smart box intelligence remote support, with Google Assistant Voice search support.

This is the plan

  • Airtel's new broadband plans are Rs 499, Rs 799, Rs 999, Rs 1499 and Rs 3999.
  • 40Mbps Internet Speed in Rs 499 Pack
  • 100Mbps Speed at Rs 799
  • 200Mbps Speed at Rs 999
  • 300Mbps speed in Rs 1499 plan
  • Speed of 1Gbps will be available in the plan of Rs. 3,999
  • All these plans include unlimited data, unlimited calls and Airtel Extreme 4K TV Box.

Jio has recently launched new plans

Let us know that Reliance Jio has launched four new tariff plans of Jio Fiber on 31 August. These plans are Rs 399, Rs 699, Rs 999 and Rs 1499. In these new plans, users will get unlimited internet. In addition, Jio is offering 30 days free trial unconditionally to new users.

Know what you will get in the new plan-

1. Unlimited Internet facility

2. High Speed Internet

3. There is a plan starting from only Rs 399 per month

4. There will be no separate money.

5. Membership of Top 12 paid OTT Apps

Know the price of live fiber plan

  • Geofiber plans will start from Rs 399 per month to Rs 1,499.
  • Data of 30 Mbps will be available in the plan of Rs 399.
  • You will get 100 Mbps in the plan of 699 rupees.
  • Rs 999 plan will get 150 Mbps
  • A plan of Rs 1499 will get 300 Mbps data speed and subscription of top 12 paid OTT apps.


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Twitter released statement on the new IT rules of the Center, said – will continue talks with the government




Amid talk about the new IT rules of the central government, microblogging site Twitter has released its statement and said that it will continue to negotiate with the Indian government. Twitter issued a statement saying that Twitter is committed to the people of India. Our service has proved to be important for public interaction and has supported people during epidemics. We will try to follow the applicable law in India to continue our service.

Twitter further stated that as we do worldwide. We will adhere strictly to the principles of transparency, commitment to empower every voice in the service, freedom of expression under the law and to protect privacy. Worried over police bullying tactics

Twitter also said, “We are currently concerned about the recent incidents in relation to our employees in India and the potential threat to the freedom of expression of the users.” He said that we are working on new rules for citizens of India and around the world. Also concerned with the police’s bullying tactics to enforce the conditions.

Twitter will continue talks with the Indian government

Twitter further stated that we plan to advocate changes to those elements of these regulations. We will continue the dialogue with the Government of India and believe that it is important to adopt a collaborative approach. Protecting the public interest is the collective responsibility of elected officials, industry and civil society.

Facebook and Google are doing preparations

Digital companies Google and Facebook said on Tuesday that they are taking steps to comply with the new IT regulations. The companies said this a few hours before the new IT rules came into effect for Internet media companies. The new rules were announced on 25 February. Under these rules, large social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp will be obliged to take additional measures.

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Good news for Phone pay, Google pay, Amazon pay or Paytm users, now you can withdraw money from ATM




 If you use mobile phone wallets like Phone-Pay, Google-Pay, Amazon-Pay or Paytm, then there is good news for you. Now it will also provide the facility to withdraw cash from ATMs. The Reserve Bank of India has recently allowed this. Under this, you no longer need to go to the ATM with a debit or credit card to withdraw cash from the ATM.

Banking facilities including SBI

At present, this facility has been made available by other banks including State Bank of India from its mobile app, but now you will get this facility from these phone wallets as well. Not only this, now people with phone pay can send or demand money to Google Pay or Amazon Pay. Till now only one type of users can use it. However, for this, the KYC or Know Your Customer formality will have to be completed.

You can withdraw only 2000 rupees at a time

After the expansion of this facility, you will be able to withdraw only Rs 2000 from an ATM through your phone wallet. At the same time, you can withdraw up to a maximum of Rs 10,000 in a month. For mass transit systems such as PPI, Metro cards, FastTags, etc. are excluded from interpatability. But with the introduction of the new facility, they will be able to deposit money in the POS or POS system. This facility is still available only to debit or credit card holders.

The facility will be applicable from April 2022

Although the new facility will come into effect from April 2022, but till then you should be mentally prepared for it. Till now people of such facility were waiting. While most shops and other business establishments, including petrol pumps, had direct payment for phone-pay, Google-pay or Paytm, there was no facility to withdraw cash and send money to other phone wallets. 

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Now you can buy goods on EMI also through net banking, this bank started the facility




If you want to get some new stuff on monthly installment (EMI) but you do not have a credit card, then you do not have to worry anymore. The private sector ICICI Bank has announced to give its customers the facility to purchase goods on equal monthly installment (EMI) through Internet banking. The bank has named this facility as ‘EMI @ Internet Banking’. A press release issued by the bank said that the facility aims to facilitate millions of pre-approved customers to purchase large amounts of goods on EMI. 

ICICI Bank has said that the bank’s millions of pre-approved customers can instantly convert their transactions up to Rs 5 lakh to EMI through digital. This release states that with this feature customers can now buy their favorite gadgets or pay their insurance premiums or children’s school fees in easy EMI from their savings account using internet banking platform.

ICICI Bank has claimed that it is the first bank in the industry to offer EMI through internet banking platform. ICICI Bank has tied up with Bill Desk and Razor Pay to provide this facility. The bank has said that at present, this facility has been introduced for more than 1000 merchants in categories such as online shopping portals, insurance, travel, education-school fees and electronic chains. The bank is also trying to add other merchants, payment gateways and segments under this facility in the near future. 

The benefits available under the ‘EMI @ Internet Banking’ facility are as follows:

1. Accelerated and Digital Process: Customers can convert their high value financial transactions into EMIs instantly and digitally by making payments through the bank’s Internet banking platform.

2. This facility is available on many fronts: Customers can choose this facility to buy their favorite gadget or pay insurance premium or to pay school fees for their child or for holiday.


3. Transaction limits: Customers can purchase products or services ranging from Rs 50,000 to Rs 5 lakh. 

4. Duration: Customers can choose the period of their choice from three months, six months, nine months and 12 months.

Step-by-step process to avail ‘EMI @ Internet Banking’ facility:


1. Select the product or service on the merchant website / app, select ‘ICICI Bank Internet Banking’ as the payment mode.


2. Enter the User ID and Password, select the ‘Convert to EMI’ tab on the Payment Details page.

3. Choose the payment period – Enter the OTP received on the registered mobile number and complete the payment.

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