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Devi Maaji Has Never Given us Any Preferential Treatment: Harjinder Singh on Mother Popularly Known to The World as Radhe Maa ji.

Who doesn’t know Radhe Maaji, but not many are familiar with her family, especially her kids. Her younger son, Harjinder Singh, who is soon making his acting debut with web series Inspector Avinash, calls himself fortunate to be born to such a great woman but revealed that he and his elder brother never received any special treatment.

“I’m indeed very fortunate to be blessed with such a divine mother. In all honesty, I learnt of her divinity at a very early age and since I’ve seen myself as a bhakt not a son. But that being said, Devi Maaji loves her bhakts as her own children. I am proud to be her son and have so much respect for her,” he said.

“Devi Maaji has never given us any preferential treatment. Being humble and grounded were the most basic teachings I’ve learnt from Devi Maaji. In her divine words, ‘जो पेड़ अपनी जड़ छोड़ देता है उसे सूखने में समय नहीं लगता ‘, meaning, if you aren’t grounded, you’ll soon perish. Another teaching that has now become my mantra is, if you can’t be the reason for someone’s happiness don’t be instrumental in their sadness. Life with her has only been about learning what’s good and accepting the situation as it comes, and it’s her teachings that has given me strength to be brave in any situation,” he added.


Harjinder calls himself spiritual and a firm believer of God, and confessed that people have reacted with utmost respect and love when they get to know that he is Radhe Maa’s son. He added, “The warmth and affection people shower upon me is truly humbling.”


Speaking about his career choice, the young actor further revealed that acting has been his passion from a tender age, and his background never affected it. Infact, his mother has always been supportive about it and never forced him or his brother for anything.

“We had very normal upbringing. Though we went to our mother for guidance and blessings , she never asked us to do things that we wouldn’t do. Her presence in my life has made me a positive person and I look at things with a different perspective. And when it comes to my career choice, my mother never raised any questions or concern,” he said.

“Each day I work on enhancing my persona and skills, so as to get ahead in my career. Devi Maaji’s blessings are always with me but I’ve also put in enormous effort and dedication to fetch every opportunity I’ve received in the industry. Though she is the force behind in making me what I am today, I have worked myself on getting better at my craft,” Harjinder concluded.

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