Sushant Singh Rajput was not only a reel life hero but also a real life hero, he was a great source of inspiration to every new artist and model out there.

Sushant served as a beacon of hope for every struggling newcomer, Sushant made his way to the top through hard work and was a true self-made artist. Sushant Singh Rajput was easily one of the most recognisable faces in Bollywood, yet he never let his success get to head, he remained down to earth despite his blinding fame. Sushant was full of zest and empathy, he always supported those around him, whenever a new artist approached him for help, Sushant went above and beyond to lend a helping hand and a willing ear to give invaluable motivation and guidance.

Losing Sushant Singh Rajput has not only left a void in the Bollywood bubble but also in the hearts of every Indian and all his fans abroad. Sushant Singh Rajput gave many iconic performances in his career, he appeared as the boy next door in the hit serial “Pavitra Rishta”, and perfectly embodied Captain cool in MS Dhoni: the untold story.

Faiz Qureshi, remembers with a heavy heart, the time he spoke to Sushant Singh Rajput, Faiz had talked to Sushant about the Reddwings Production 2019 Dubai Fashion and Talent show that was telecasted on Starplus UAE.

Faiz, speaking about his interaction with Sushant reminisced, “I had contacted Sushant to come to the show as a celebrity guest. Sushant was caught up in a hectic schedule at the time, I he didn’t want anything coming between him and his art as an actor, to avoid distractions he had stopped giving appearances in events, he wanted to dedicate all of himself to his work.”

Qureshi continued, “Sushant was a superstar, yet he talked to me like an old friend and he promised me that he will definitely come to any event I held next. We exchanged personal numbers afterwards, I felt so overjoyed and also came to a realisation; Sushant was a great actor but as a human being he was even finer. He was untouched by any pride or ego. I feel a great sense of loss over Sushant’s sudden untimely departure and sincerely hope and pray that his family finds strength and recovers from this cruel bereavement.”

Turning his attention to a bigger issue, Faiz Qureshi had a few words for newcomers, “I view this as an opportune time to spread awareness about the mental health of artists and models who are just starting out; and to all the struggling newcomers, I would like to say, that besides being an actor or a model, you also have to be a fighter and overcome all the tough situations you face, fighting bravely is the only way to go forward. Please do not give in to any negativity and do not even consider taking your own god gifted life as an option, please reach out for help, contact your family, friends, partner or a therapist. Suicide will never stop the pain, it will only pass the pain onto the ones you love. Everyone, please stay strong”


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