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How To Use Google Pay To Make NFC Payments, How To Add Card, Know



Google Pay started as an app for UPI. But with the changing times, additional features are being added to it. You can also add debit and credit cards to it for payment. Google Pay is supported with major card issuers, including Axis Visa Card, Kotak Visa Card, SBI Visa Card, IndusInd Visa Card, Federal Visa Debit Card and HSBC Visa Credit. So you have to first check whether your credit or debit card is supported or not.

If you have a Visa card that supports Google Pay, you can add it to the app. Know how it will work

After opening the app, tap on Profile Picture. You will see “set up payment methods”.

Under Payment Methods, you will see the option “Add Bank Account” and “Debit/Credit Card”.

Now tap on Debit/Credit Card option.

Enter card number, expiry date, CVV and name and billing address and save the information.

Google Pay contacts the bank to confirm the card. You will get an option to choose how to do the verification. You will be asked for additional authentication through OTP (One-Time-Password).

Once you complete the process click on ‘Activate’ and enter your OTP.

Once you do, you can use Google Pay on QR code-based payments and on “Tap & Pay” on NFC enabled terminals. You can use the card immediately after it is registered.

If you are using this feature on an Android phone, make sure you have activated Device Manager. If you lose your phone, you can lock the device with Android Device Manager which will inactivate your card.

You can also choose to remove the device remotely. If Device Manager is not activated, you will need to call the bank to disable the card on Google Pay.

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Sneh Binny: My career turned out to be better than what I expected… I feel grateful




Sneh Binny shares that he started planning his career when he was in 10th grade. However, things didn’t go exactly the way he had imagined it to work out.
“My career rather turned out to be better than what I expected out of it. Things came up that I never imagined would and it all turned out to be great. I feel grateful,” says the entrepreneur, who started Binny’s World, Binny’s Jewels UAE and also co-owns Delhi Binny’s Brigade (the tennis team that is a part of Tennis Premier League) along with actor-director Divya Khosla Kumar.
Sneh agrees that luck is very important and often determines one’s success. “It can make things go with the flow and if you’re lucky enough, it can make worse time turn into a jackpot. I believe in luck. I don’t have an answer, why, but I do. It is just the cherry on the top, and if it clicks at the right time, it makes everything work. The other thing that helps is having a mentor. I have many mentors from around the world. They help me out whenever I face a block,” he adds.
Speaking about his career goals, he continues, “I am currently working on a start-up that will soon be launched. For me, it’s the most important goal to achieve now. I need to be on the Forbes list of 30 under 30. This start-up has a potential to become bigger than Binny’s… I want to do a lot more. Five year down the line I see myself as one of the top entrepreneurs in the country. I am already a serial entrepreneur (WHAT DOES HE MEAN BY THIS??).”
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IT Legend Chris Legend Chris Hall Talks About His Mantra for Success in Life



When it comes to success, it always better to learn from people who have achieved it on their own terms. One such success stories is of Chris Hall. He is not only an expert in the field of Information and Technology but he also loves to learn new things especially in the world of web development and leadership.

That’s not all, as one of the most amazing things about Chris is that he takes over organizations that are struggling with their current situation and helps them to realise their full potential.

On the surface, it might appear that Chris always had this immense amount of confidence and talent but the truth of the matter is he has worked hard on himself every single day to live the life that he is living today.

While many people blame circumstances for their lives, Chris always knew that he had to try hard to become what he wanted to be. For that, he had few important life lessons in his mind that help him to become who he is today.

According to Chris Hall’, “I created a personal mission statement that I try to live by. It includes, . Every morning I repeat it to myself and hold myself accountable for the previous day. Most days I do very well. But I’m not perfect, and I forgive myself and promise to do better the next day.”

He adds, “My mission is to let the first act of every morning be to make the resolutions, to be generous with both my time and my love, fear only God, learn, as well as teach, not bear ill will toward anyone, stand up to injustice, wherever it may be found.”

Follow him on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook for more amazing tips from him.

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Digital Marketing Expert Ayman Kaddoura Shares How He Made His Way as an Entrepreneur



At the age when most of the people spend their time figuring out their career move, Ayman Kaddoura decided that he wants to start his own empire in the field of digital marketing. Today he is the man behind popular digital marketing company The Bridge Technology. On the surface, it might appear that he had a bit of real good luck when he started in the industry but the truth of the matter is Ayman had invested a lot of time to grow in the industry both as a digital marketer, web developer as well as a leader.

When he started he had a little idea about the trade but the truth of the matter is most of the learning came from the experience in the field. He takes pride in the fact that he was not just able to get involved with the trade of digital marketing but he was in a position where he can understand every side of it.

“I made it a point that I must have the knowledge of the services that I am offering to my clients as only then I will be in a position to give them the best of my abilities and of my company. I feel that the primary reason why most of my clients trust me is because of the fact that I am not just involved in the process of marketing campaigns but I also take it upon myself to get into the discussion with the client and make the business profitable. Digital marketing is one of the most competitive fields in the world right now, which is why it is important to know what unique side you can offer to your client and how you can bring out the best in the trade, ” shares Ayman Kaddoura.

You can know more about his journey on his social media account, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube.

Photo ofAyman Kaddoura
Ayman Kaddoura
Job Title
Digital Marketing Expert
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