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Know why Vikas Dubey's car was changed before the encounter, who fired the first bullet



Some points of Vikas Dubey encounter have also come under the scanner. The theory of the police is near but it is incomprehensible at some points. 5 encounters were carried out within 8 days of Bikeru scandal. In this, Vikas Dubey and his five henchmen were killed. On Thursday, her close Prabhat had an encounter in Kanpur and Baua Dubey had an encounter in Etawah. Before Prabhat’s encounter, the police had said that the vehicle was punctured. A day before this, Vikas’s right hand sharp shooter Amar Dubey collapsed in Hamirpur. Almost all of these four theories emerged that they were trying to escape by attacking the police.

Earlier on the second day of the incident, Vikas’s maternal uncle Prem Prakash Pandey and aide Atul Dubey were killed by the police in an encounter near Bikaru village. He also fired on seeing the police. Three of them escaped by firing the pistol of the accused police in the encounter.

So changed car
In Friday’s encounter, the biggest question on the theory of the police was that if the STF left Ujjain on the development, it was put in a safari car. The vehicle that crashed before the encounter was Mahindra’s TUV-100. On this, the police officers said that when a big criminal is brought from one place to another, the vehicles in the convoy are interchangeable. This could prevent his henchmen from attacking.

First development fired
During the encounter, the theory also emerged that the police opened fire to stop the running development. The officials later clarified that the first shot was fired by Vikas. The police fired in response.

If you don’t shoot he kills
The police shot at Vikas’ chest, questioning whether he wanted to kill him? On this, the officer said that Vikas started firing directly. If the police did not fire in response, there was every possibility of firing of personnel.

Shot but did not see the accident
A big question also arose that no one had seen the accident. Passer Ashish Paswan, who was present there in a video released by the news agency ANI, said that he heard gunshots, but no police car crashed. Police say the vehicle was overturned.

Police will have to answer these questions
– Vikas surrendered himself in Ujjain, so why did he try to escape after the accident near Bhaunti?

– Why Ujjain police did not show arrest, why did not take it to court for transit remand

– Why and how the STF convoy overturned after coming to Kanpur border

– 50-100 meters before overturning at the carriage, its marks are not visible on the road

– If the car overturns at a high speed, there is a lot of damage, but why only the glass breaks in it

– Why did not anyone other than police see this accident on the highway amidst heavy traffic

– Vikas had a bad leg, was he able to run away after grabbing the weapon after the accident?

– Why STF did not even take such precautions, why its hands were not tied

– Why did the police not take a lesson from Prabhat, a development partner and sharp shooter

– In 24 hours, one vehicle was punctured and the other overturned, what kind of police vehicles are there?

– Why media was forcibly stopped at Bara toll plaza just 10 minutes before the encounter

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Recommendation to extend the time limit in two doses of covishield vaccine, no change in dose of covaxin




The government panel has recommended a 12 to 16 week gap between the two doses of Covid-19 vaccine covishield being put in place to prevent the corona epidemic. It has been recommended by the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization. However, the group has not felt any need to increase the interval of two doses of covaxine. Such a recommendation, like a panel of the government, came at a time when a new study had claimed that if the gap between the two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine was increased, the deaths could be higher. Can also be reduced.

According to a Reuters news, it was said that it would be effective only when the conditions were favorable. Let me tell you that in the past, India had increased the gap in two doses of vaccine to prevent Covid-19. Now once again, the talk of increasing the gap of this dose is in full swing in the world. Britain has decided to make a 12-week gap between the two dosages here. It has been said in the news that after the first dose of Corona Vaccine, there has been a reduction of about 80 percent of the deaths. Apart from this, the pace of infection has also come down by about 70 percent.

According to the Reuters news, the Pfizer company also says that the effect of extending the time limit between two doses can also be seen on people under 65 years of age. The company has also made it clear that it is very important to have some favorable conditions for its very results. However, the company has made it clear that they do not have any concrete evidence nor data at this time. This is the reason why Pfizer is saying this based on the news coming from Britain.

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After Rajdhani Shatabdi, railways cancelled many trains of Uttar Pradesh, see full list here




The lockdown is also impacting the rail operations. Many long distance trains including Shatabdi Express and Rajdhani Express have been canceled due to lack of passengers. With this, the movement of local trains is also being disrupted. Many local trains running between different cities of Delhi to Uttar Pradesh will be canceled. This will cause problems to the employees and others traveling on these trains.

People will have trouble

Old Delhi-Tundla MEMU Special (04184/04183), Old Delhi-Hathras Fort MEMU Special (04418/04417), New Delhi-Aligarh MEMU Special (04414/04413) Ghaziabad-Mathura EMU Special (04420/04419) till May 17 Decided not to run or have. Railway officials say that Uttar Pradesh has a lockdown till May 17, so it has decided to cancel the said trains. The problem of government employees traveling by these trains has increased. Along with this, those traveling for treatment and other important work will also have problems.

Due to Corona, passengers are getting

There is a shortage of passengers in trains due to Corona infection and lockdown. Recently, Northern Railway had announced the cancellation of 28 trains till further orders. Many trains going to Mumbai have been canceled, despite the seats available in the running trains. On Tuesday, around three and a half hundred seats are vacant in the third AC of the special capital going to Maharaja Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal.

Until a few days ago almost all trains to Bengal were running full, but now the situation has changed. On Monday, nearly four hundred seats in Sealdah Duronto were left vacant. At the same time, three and a half seats are vacant in the Sealdah AC special leaving on Tuesday. Explain that the lockdown has been carried forward in Delhi as well as in Haryana and UP. Now a lockdown has been imposed in these states for up to 17 May. Due to this, people are staying at home and are avoiding getting out. Due to which the trains are reducing congestion.

After Rajdhani Shatabdi, railways cancelled many trains of Uttar Pradesh, see full list here
Article Name
After Rajdhani Shatabdi, railways cancelled many trains of Uttar Pradesh, see full list here
Indian Railway News Many local trains running between different cities of Delhi to Uttar Pradesh will be cancelled. Due to this, the employees and other people traveling by these trains will have to face trouble.
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Delhi Metro closed as well; RT-PCR report mandatory for entry into Uttarakhand; Know the state of other states




Lockdown, curfew and stringent restrictions have been imposed in many states of the country to curb the corona virus infection. In many states including Delhi, UP, the restrictions have been extended till May 17. Corona’s negative report has been made mandatory to enter several states. Explain that 3,66,161 new cases of Corona virus infection have been reported in the country in the last 24 hours and 3754 people died during this period. The total number of positive cases in the country has increased to 2,26,62,575.

Lockdown in Delhi and tough

The lockdown has been tightened in view of the increasing cases of corona in Delhi. The metro has been closed from May 10 to May 16 in Delhi. At the same time, marriage has been banned in a public place, marriage home, banquet hall or hotel etc., but marriage will be possible in the home or court. In which only 20 people will be involved

RT-PCR report mandatory for entry into Uttarakhand

The Uttarakhand government has now decided to impose strict Kovid curfew in the state in the first phase from Monday to May 18 at 6 am. During this time, fruit-vegetable, meat-fish and milk shops will open from seven to 10 in the morning. In case of groceries, it has been decided to keep it open till one o’clock on Monday. After this, these shops will open on May 14 from seven to 12 in the morning. For those coming to Uttarakhand from other states, registration in the smart city portal and a negative report of RTPCR up to 72 hours ago has been made mandatory. Public vehicles will run with 50 percent capacity in inter-state and inter-district transport.

Corona curfew extended in Uttar Pradesh

In view of increasing cases of corona, partial corona curfew has been extended till May 17 in the state. However, during the Corona curfew in Uttar Pradesh, people witnessed a large crowd at the fruit and vegetable market of Varanasi. During this time people were seen violating the rules of social distance.

A two-week complete lockdown has been done in Tamil Nadu from today. The cases of corona infection are increasing rapidly in the state, in which the government had to take this decision. However, essential goods shops will remain open during this period. Bengaluru will also have a 14-day lockdown from today. At least 26 states and union territories of the country including Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Maharashtra have also imposed strict restrictions like lockdown, curfew and lockdown to break the corona infection chain. In Jammu and Kashmir too, the ‘Corona Curfew’ has been extended till 17 May due to the severity of the epidemic.

Lockdown / curfew in in-state

Restrictions like lockdown in Karnataka from 10-24 May. Strict restrictions in Maharashtra from April 5 to May 15. Curfew in Goa from May 9 to 15 days. Complete lockdown in Kerala from May 8 to 16. Partial lockdown in Andhra Pradesh from 12 noon to 6 pm for two weeks from May 6. Night curfew in Telangana till 15 May. Full lockdown in Mizoram from May 10-17. Curfew in seven districts of Manipur from May 8 to 17. Lockdown in Himachal Pradesh from May 7 to 16. Lockdown in Bihar from May 4 to May 15. May 5 to 14 days lockdown in Odisha. Restrictions like lockdown till May 13 in Jharkhand. Chhattisgarh has weekend weekend till 15 May. Weekend lockdown and night curfew in Punjab till 15 May. Janata curfew in Madhya Pradesh till 15 May. Curfew in 36 cities of Gujarat from May 8 till 6 in the morning till May 12.

Let us know that in the last 24 hours in the last 24 hours, after the arrival of 3,66,161 new cases of Corona virus (COVID19), the total number of positive cases was 2,26,62,575. After 3,754 new deaths, the total number of deaths has increased to 2,46,116. The total number of active cases in the country is 37,45,237 and the total number of discharged cases is 1,86,71,222.

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