No need of cream or soap to get rid of the stubborn complexion of the chemical on the face, remove the color by applying these things at home.

Holi can not be imagined without color, but many times people buy chemical-rich color in the name of herbal color from the market and it is very difficult to get rid of when the chemical-colored ones settle on the body.

Dermatologist Major Dr. Sudhanshu Mohan Shukla says that neither soap is needed nor to be rubbed with nail paint remover and sanitizer to get the color of Holi. They can be liberated from many things like gram flour paste and coconut oil.

Let’s know how you can easily get rid of the stubborn color of Holi ….

  • Always use cold water to weave the colors of Holi. It is more difficult to get rid of color with hot water than from cold water.
  • To get rid of face paints, apply coconut oil in cotton and scrub it.
  • Color can also be easily removed by using lemon and gram flour. For this, mix lemon and milk in gram flour and make a paste and apply it on your skin. Leave the paste on for fifteen to twenty minutes and then wash your hands with lukewarm water.
  • Cucumbers are also used to get rid of color. Remove cucumber juice, add a little rose water and one teaspoon lemon juice, wash your mouth with it. The colors of the face will also be missed and the skin will also improve.
  • To remove the colors of Holi, do not resort to treatments like facials, bleach. Take this type of treatment only after one or two weeks.
  • Mix fenugreek seeds in curd and make a paste. Apply it as a mask on the hair and shampoo it after one hour. This hair mask protects hair from damage as well as gives nutrition.
  • Barley flour and almond oil are also used to rid the stubborn complexion of the body. The color can be cleared by applying their oil on the skin. Also, grind a little raw papaya in milk and mix. Also mix a little multani mitti and a little almond oil on the face and wash the face after about half an hour.
  • If there is a rash on the face and the color has solidified, then grind the orange peel and lentils and almonds in milk and make a paste. Apply the prepared boil on the entire skin and wash it. Your skin will be clean and it will also improve.
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