After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, his girlfriend Riya Chakraborty is facing many charges. Ashok, who recently worked as a cook in Sushant’s house, has also criticized Riya.

According to an India Today report, Ashok, who was a cook in Sushant’s house from 2016 to September 2019, has said that Riya did not take good care of Sushant. Sushant was not even allowed to meet his sisters. When the sisters came to meet Sushant at his house, Riya would pick up Sushant’s phone and tell him that Sushant was busy and he would not be able to meet him.

Riya terminated Ashok

Ashok further said that he was fired from his job at Riya’s behest. When Sushant and Riya returned from Europe vacation last year, Ashok was told by House Manager Samuel Miranda that your job was gone.

When questioned about Sushant’s mental condition, Ashok said that Sushant was staying ill. Either he used to sleep or he lay on the bed. His life was dependent on pills. Ashok said that if he kept working at the actor’s house, he would definitely try to keep him active. Sushant should do an exercise or workout to improve his health.

Riya removed many people, Sir never did this

Earlier, Ashok had said to ABP News about Riya’s control over Sushant’s life, “I didn’t think so until I was. Then I had no doubt till I was removed, but after that one of their bodyguards and one accountant were removed, then the three of us talked about what happened that the old staff is being removed. ‘ He further said, ‘Sushant Sir never used to remove any old staff. Even before, people used to go, but they used to leave of their own free will. He was replaced by another staff. But Sir himself never fired anyone. ‘


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