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Salman’s dilemma about showing in ‘Radhey’ multiplexes, fear of loss due to release on OTT, also falls on single screen



Salman Khan fulfilled his promise by announcing the release of ‘Radhey’ on Eid, but cinema halls are closed in most states of the country. There is also a dilemma among multiplex owners as to whether or not this film is shown in multiplexes.

The owners of theaters are very disappointed with the decision to release the film on OTT too, as this film will release a little bit of the loss of last year whenever it is released, such an expectation has been broken. There is also a big fear that if a star like Salman has adopted this path, then no other star should make up the mind of OTT premiere by following his footsteps.

Expectations have been broken with this decision
Salman is returning to the screen after about one and a half years as an actor. She was last seen in ‘Dabangg 3’, which was released on 20 December 2019. If the trade analyst and film expert believes that Zee Plax and the release in theaters will break the back of single screen cinema. He has not even recovered from the losses caused by Kovid for the last one year. He felt that Salman’s film on Eid would be the reason for his recovery, but his decision to release it on digital as well as in theaters has shattered his hopes.

It has been decided long ago that multiplexes will only show films that are only released in theaters. Multiplex chain companies want that there should be a gap of at least four weeks between the film’s theater release and OTT release. But ‘Radhey’ is also being released on OTT from day one. With this, it is certain that multiplexes will get negligible viewership. Multiplex owners are skeptical about this. If you put a film, then you will have to face loss and if you do not apply, relations with superstars like Salman can get spoiled. Seeing Salman’s status in the industry, no one wants to annoy him.

After the Radhe Corona era on the Pay on Play format, Radhey will be the first film to be simultaneously released on both the cinema hall and OTT on the same day. The pay on play format has been fixed for Radhe. That is, those watching on DTH will have to pay separate money to watch this film. To watch the film on Zee Plax, it has to be subscribed. To watch Radhe, viewers have to pay 499 rupees. Two days rental validity and 6 hours watch time validity will be available on G-Plax. Recently, Ananya Pandey and Ishaan Khattar’s ‘Khali Yellow’ was released on Zee Plax. But the thing about Salman’s film is something else. Zee Plax hopes that this film will increase their subscription.

So far these films have been released on Zee Plax

  • Empty yellow
  • Tish
  • Ka Pai Ranasingam
  • The power
  • Ninnila-Ninnila
  • Unhinged

The cinema release will be
just an announcement. At the moment, the cinema release will be just one announcement. Movies in a state like Maharashtra are closed all over. States like Rajasthan, Delhi, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Goa, Karnataka, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Bihar have already banned cinema. Movies in most states are closed on Weekend. 50% occupancy exemption has been given at some places. In Bihar, there is an exemption of only 30 percent occupancy. Looking at the conditions of today, it is not possible that by May 13, there will be a big improvement. That is, ‘Radhey’ will come out of the hands of the cinema hall.

Radhe’s OTT premiere, ie single screen, lock
trade analyst and producer Girish Wankhede said that Salman Khan’s film releases in India on about four and a half thousand screens. On Eid, his films get the most business from Mumbai and Delhi Territory. This time Maharashtra is closed due to Kovid. Looking at this, I estimate that instead of four and a half thousand screens, this time Salman’s film will get maximum 2 to 2.5 thousand screens. Multiplex has also not yet given approval to Radhe for release.

Multiplexes are clear that the film that is going on digitally, they will not put it up. In such a situation, there will be a lot of trouble that if we do not put multiplexes, then single screens are left very little after Kovid. Single screens are currently left around two and a half or three thousand across the country. It has multiplexes of three or three and a half thousand. If the multiplexes are not released, then what business will the film do. This is the first major picture of this kind that is being released digitally with multiplexes.

This is the film that the audience wanted to see in the theater. Now other big pictures can also follow it. This will have a very bad effect on the business of multiplexes. The excitement of the theater was increased with Radhe film. This is very harmful for the cinema business. Theaters were already battling for their existence. This film could have been a relief for him.

But now releasing it on digital is like locking theaters. Zee Plax has given 250 crore to Radhe for digital and satellite rights. If released in theaters, the total business would have made 400 crores. In a way, the producer also has a disadvantage.

If this trend is made then single screen will break the back,
producer and film business analyst Girish Johar told that the release of Radhey on Zee Plaix will break the back of single screens. Multiplex and single screen Radhe, who have been living on ventilator for one year, were thinking of recovery of loss of a year. But now the option is less to make recovery.

Chances of Suryavanshi and 83 also coming on OTT have increased after Radhe came to OTT. It is like ending the business of single screen. The simultaneous release of Radhe’s theatrical and digital will set a trend. Other producers can also follow this. Producers of upcoming films would also like to have a business of both and OTT with Theatrical.

If they too release in this way, the exclusivity of the film will also end. This would be very harmful for the cinema business.

Single Screen Business to End Prematurely
Nitin Datar, President of the Cinema Owners and Exhibitors Association of India, said in a conversation with ‘Dainik Bhaskar’ that there are around 6500 single screen theaters in the country. Out of this, about 70 percent are closed. The way in which there is an atmosphere of fear about Kovid in the country and the local administration is also putting many restrictions in every state, it is unlikely that the cinema will start till May 13. Even if the situation improves by then, there is no flow of one film release after another.

On May 13, Radhe will come, but after that, other films do not come for some time, then it will not be favorable for Radhe to open a theater, cleanup expenses, and then later close the theater for some time. And in such a situation, it has been decided to release on OTT along with ‘Radhey’ theater. If other big films also follow this path, then the single screen theater business, which was expected to run for a few more years, will also end. In a way, we can say that the death warrant of this business will come ahead of time.

The film
Radhe will be seen in theaters abroad, will be released in theaters of 40 countries in Overseas. It means Middle East, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Europe Territory. This will be the first film in England since the lockdown since last year to be seen in theaters.

Today, a family of four goes to watch a film in a multiplex, if the audience of the cities goes to see the cost of tickets, traffic, popcorn at the interval, then it becomes a thousand rupees. While the decision to release the hybrid, the entire family will be able to watch the film in the comfort of home by spending half the money. And there will be no fear of corona in it.

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