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Zohaeb Farooqui on vaccination drive: I think government was right in doing phase wise vaccination



The vaccination drive is on and the government recently announced free vaccination for people above the age of 18. But a lot of actors who are in the 45 and 60 age group are still not vaccinated. At the same time vaccine shortage is a reality. Many have opined that vaccination should have been free from the beginning, while the rest are in favour of the government’s phase wise inoculation drive. Actor Zohaeb Farooqui belongs to the second category and he has his reasons to do so.
“India is a country of over 1.3 billion population and reaching out to everyone at the same time is difficult. I think whatever steps the government has taken is good. There needs to be a system in place to work things out,” says the actor, who has taken his first dose. His experience has been good, things were quite organised and he was fine after the first jab.
All thanks to corona, health is one thing which has taken centre stage in our lives. Right eating has become a norm, more so with everyone realising the jaan hai toh jahaan hai. “Yes to an extent this pandemic has made people aware but I still have people out there who are not taking things seriously. I still see people not maintaining social distance or wearing masks,” he sounds upset.
Given how this pandemic has affected us all, holding up in such times is necessary. “I guess except for the food processing industry, everyone is suffering and there is a decline in their respective fields of work. The reason why I pointed to the food processing industry is because I’ve seen people rushing for basics. In whatever condition you are in, everyone needs food to survive. They can cut out on eating out and all but the basics cannot be avoided,” he says.

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Bilal Kazi, The Pioneer in Food Blogging and an Inspiration for Many Youngsters



It takes a lot of courage to venture into what your heart says. One such personality who boldly took a step to chase his dreams is Mr. Bilal Kazi. Talking about one such high-performing entrepreneur who exhibits multiple talents coming all the way from Bahrain, Bilal Kazi is a prominent face in the food blogging community of India.

Bilal Kazi is a visionary personality who believes in his dreams and works upon it to execute them. He is an eminent food blogger and digital marketer from Bahrain.

Bilal, in this digital world, has accomplished himself as a prominent food blogger, blogger, networking geek and social media specialist. His work speaks for him and today he has worked with various renowned personalities and brands.

Bilal’s talents and achievements are not just restricted to the digital world. Apart from it, he owns an event management company in Mumbai. The name of his company is – The Event Works which is owned and handled by Bilal himself.

Bilal has pursued the course Hotel Management from Rizvi college but he soon realized that his Entrepreneurial and technical spirits and talents couldn’t be restricted just to hotel management, so he decided to initiate a new venture. He went to begin his site and bought a domain to start a blog page.

Achievements are what defies the capabilities of a person, it’s the success evidence that stays for lifetime. Conversing about Bilal’s achievements, he has received the awards of Business Manager Award and Best Influencer Award at Channel V India Fest Goa. His achievements speak for his passion and determination towards work.

With his brilliant mind and diligence, Bilal today aspires to open his own digital marketing company and restaurant. Speaking about his mentor, it’s the great personality Rj Mantra. Since bilal’d College days his mentor has deeply inspired him snd has a big impact towards his overall growth.

Bilal Kazi striding forth with his unceasing potential and sharp temperament on his aisle to set a benchmark for people. Today, this young lad is administering as one of the acceptable and most admirable personality. His zeal towards his work is truly commendable and his vision to achieve the dreams is highly appreciable.

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‘I Don’t Think of Love Based on Gender,’ Shares Social Media Star, Emily Regina



Social Media influencer Emily Regina has been making the headlines with her stunning good looks and positive online personality for a while now. Despite the fact that the diva comes from a small village in the Netherlands, she did manage to turn her life around when she decided to become a social media influencer.

After establishing herself as an Instagram star, Emily also moved to the world of OnlyFans and became a renowned face. One of the most defining things about the model is the fact that she is one of the most inclusive people online and is not afraid of answering difficult questions about her personal life.

During an Instagram ask me session Emily was questioned if she is into girls and the model had the perfect response to the same. She shared that when it comes to her the gender doesn’t matter as it is about how the person makes her feel.

Emily said, “For me love is not about gender, it is about how somebody makes me feel.”

The social media star has people fawning over her for attention and luckily Emily loves to share details of her life with her fans. Being someone who is constant attention and limelight, this 26-year-old model has far more maturity than most people achieve in a lifetime. For Emily, the most important thing is love and equality. She doesn’t like to label herself in terms of her likings but believes in being real to herself.

Isn’t she an inspiration to everyone?

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A good night’s sleep is one of the most significant things to live a healthy life. A good sleep increases our concentration, attention, decision making, creativity, social skills and health.

But it is disappointing that it is low in many people’s priority list.
Does lack of sleep affects our daily life activities? So the answer is yes!.

Health Problems,
Memory Problems,
Mood Changes,

How much sleep is enough?
Its been a common public question that how much duration of sleep does a person requires?
According to sleep research society it recommends a threshold value for adults around 7 hours per night. But it should not be less than 6 hours. But in pre-school children generally 11-12 hours per day sleep is required.

How do you know if you are getting enough sleep?
If you feel irritable at work, or if you need a lot of stimulants like tea, coffee to stay alert, or if u feel headache etc, it means that you are not getting enough sleep.

So what to do to correct our sleep habits?

Tips for getting a good night’s sleep.
If you are having trouble sleeping you are not alone. Many people have trouble sleeping and suffer from chronic sleep deprivation.
In order to sleep well we need to let go of the day’s concerns and worries.
Go to be and wake up at the same time each day to maintain circadian rhythm.
Limits usage of electronics at bedtime.
Limit that food and drinks that may affect letting you sleep like caffeine, alcohol etc.
Relax your mind. Don’t think much about your daily work.

If still you are facing chronic sleep deprivation, contact your doctor. We are always there to help you.

Dr Amir M.B.B.S, M.S(Surgery) : JNMC AMU
Mch Neurosurgery

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